Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Hour Art Print

The end of the workweek is here and perhaps a drink is in your near future.  I don't really drink martinis, but I've always admired the shape of the martini glass and I do like olives.  Whatever concoction you enjoy, here's to you!  To buy this art print, go to


  1. I really do like this, Steve! It just looks happy and very attention-getting! I too love the shape of martini glasses - - they just have an elegant shape. But - - like you - - martinis are not my drink. It sure is a fun image. Thanks for keeping us "involved" in your work! We love it!

  2. I LOVE seeing your work as well! I'm Elizabeth's sister and I've been following your blog since she sent me the link. You do amazing work.

  3. What a great purple theme! This is a great connection to the florals you've been doing lately--now they look like party favors! I know you love olives--you love them enough to name a little "precious" just that!