Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nocturnal Cat

Cats love to roam the night in their stealthy, but always adorable way.  I'm always amazed, being a dog owner, how quiet they are compared to my beagles.  They can sit and stare at something for ages without moving, as if they are in a trance.  Perhaps cats are deep thinking and philosophical animals.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Master Bedroom

The house we own was built in 1940 and has charming wood floors and great light being perched on a gentle hillside.  The master bedroom has these terrific corner windows with views of the bay and the city of San Francisco beyond.  What the room didn't have is color and we like color here at our house!  So, I designed a fabric for the headboard (which we made on a Sunday afternoon) on with the gray and citrus yellows and greens that we are so fond of.  We had purchased several vintage pieces of furniture with the intention of painting them lemon yellow.  We used a high gloss alkyd which was, to be honest, no fun at all but it looks terrific!  The china cabinet was transformed into a freestanding closet of sorts thanks to the mirror that replaced the glass in the doors.  The granite gray walls allow the furniture to take center stage and it works thanks to the light and clean power of the white duvet, ceiling, trim and chandelier.  We are giving this old house some new attitude with color, color and more color!