Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dive Into the Beauty of the Earth Art Print

We live on a beautiful planet and it's beauty is everywhere.  I say, dive in and enjoy it!  This art  print is new in my Etsy shop, pictorialboom.  Buy it here.


  1. Hi Steve
    Love some of your work. I am developeing a snack food product in Ireland. see surfseeds.com How would i go about using your work on my advertising info. Keep up the good work. Best wishes


  2. Hi Steve (and Dale),

    Congrats on finishing your kitchen project. I absolutely love cherry wood! Great job!


  3. Steve & Dale,
    Wow is all I can say! You two did a remarkable job with your kitchen. I love the countetops & space you opened up.
    The design is great. I love the leather couch and the green glass.
    Must have been really hard tearing out walls.