Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ruby and Olive

I painted this portrait of our dogs, Ruby and Olive, for my partner's birthday last year. I used a photo taken at the beach as my reference. They love going to the beach, although they are not big swimmers at all. They just enjoy playing with all of their other four legged friends who are there and Olive enjoys the smelly stuff that washes ashore. That's what dogs do.


  1. I just wrote a comment and lost it...if you find it you will know that I love this picture, it is beautiful, and I will want to commision you sometime in the future to do one of my little rehead Golden Retriever pup Alba...AND I want to see more of your cards at Trader Joes!
    Best to your Mom,

  2. Thanks Nathalie! My mom is recuperating well.

  3. Just a snapshot of the many cute poses and faces of Ruby and Olive! What a great duo they are--it's a happy picture! When they tell you to "go to your happy place," is this it? They make me smile! This kind of portraiture is one of your unbelievable gifts. You always capture what's behind the eyes and what's at the heart of the subject (and in this case, it's "When can we catch that squirrel?")