Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Partyware!

I always enjoy designing birthday imagery. It is always so colorful and celebratory. This collection was inspired loosely by oilcloth tablecloth fabrics. These birthday images have already been licensed on greeting cards with Trader Joe's but I would love to see it utilized on some other products.


  1. Those items with your designs would be so perfect to celebrate a birthday! Wow! Love all the colors! Hope you do get them on the market for other uses!

  2. Your colors are so cheerful, and we certainly need that! I love the balloon plate design--the circles and flowers just feel so friendly. Hey, how about some pet birthday party dishes? You could do little food bowls and drink bowls and cat- and dog-size hats! I can see Ruby and Olive celebrating their birthdays!

  3. Thanks Mom and Greg for your wonderful comments. Greg, I love the idea of pet birthday dishes and hats, etc! How adorable would that be?!

  4. wow Steve-I don't know which post to leave a comment on--I love them all so much! You've been VERY busy haven't you?
    Great to see you putting your wonderful illustrations on lots and lots of product-keep it up!