Friday, July 20, 2012

Progress on the kitchen continues

The kitchen is taking shape!  We now have sheetrock and the finishing coats of plaster are almost complete.  We look forward to getting it all cleaned up and applying the primer and ceiling paint.

Our goal for this weekend is to order the flooring.  We had travertine stone floors in our last kitchen which were beautiful, but they were also cold and very hard.  So, we have gone back and forth between different options.  We need it to work with our oak floors in the rest of the house without being too similar in color but not to dark either.  We like a fairly light and bright kitchen.  We had considered marmoleum because we were told that we could design our own custom pattern, but it was much more expensive than we thought it would be.  Marmoleum also offers a clicking plank system, but we don't care for the textures and colors they offer.  I found this 16 inch square tile by Mannington that has a very slight texture to it in grays and neutrals that we are leaning toward.  It glues down and the pattern could be alternated to make a nice subtle checkerboard effect on the floor.  The color chips on top of the tile represent our cabinet colors.  The majority will be the light olive green and the island will be in the cream.  We are going with a wood butcher block on the island and cesarstone quartz countertops in a white color with neutral flecks called "nougat."  It's really nice to be at the point of putting the kitchen back together again after all of the destruction and mess.

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  1. Wow, the kitchen looks fantastic! Spacious and open and nicely-connected to the rest of the house! And those finishes look great. That gray tile is beautiful--I love that texture. I bet it is exciting to see vision taking shape and seeing how colors and textures are going to work together. I'm sure you're all excited about the first meal you prepare in that beautiful room!