Thursday, January 15, 2009

Release the hounds!

I know you are probably saying "Wow, this blog just became adorable!" and it's true.  Meet our two beagles, Ruby and Olive.  Just so you know who's who, Ruby is the one who uses Olive's belly as a pillow quite often.  Olive doesn't seem to mind as that's what sister's are for.


  1. Hey Steve--Great photos of your little darlings! I have seen Olive nestled comfortably in that corner of the couch before!
    I enjoyed the photos--they look healthy and happy.

    Great dog patterns posted a few days back--if those textiles are available, let me know! I also love the "Love Blooms" image--great colors and images, and the words evoke some real richness!

    Hope the cold is healing well. Keep rockin' to those Republic Tigers!

  2. Hey Steve,
    Your pooches really ARE adorable - I don't think I've seen a photo since they were pups! They have certainly grown - looks like they are best friends too!
    Happy Weekend - enjoy the warm weather - lucky you!