Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

Shiny and bright ornaments are always so fun to unwrap every year to decorate the Christmas tree. When I was little we made ornaments one year from a kit. They were plaster and we poured them into molds. After they were dry we painted them and added glitter. To this day, they are always the pride of my parents' Christmas tree. My siblings and I always find them on the tree and they spark a lot of great memories. We all have a different favorite.

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  1. Modern & happy! Those are fun, especially the ones with the swirly curlycues! I love your reflections on the classic ornaments on mom & dad's tree. I have looked & looked online for a kit like that, but with no success. We should send you photos of some of them--you're right, it's always fun to see them!