Monday, March 15, 2010

Chinese Lanterns

I've long admired the simple beauty and grace of Chinese lanterns glowing and blowing in the evening breeze. They are terrific at adding ambience when celebrating a special event or just to make an ordinary evening just a bit more special. This design is from a recent greeting card project.


  1. What a happy little crowd of lanterns! They look so pleased to be together and blowing in the breeze. And I know they're happy to be wearing such smart colors and stripes!

  2. I really like those lanterns. Their colors are so bright and cheerful and really do "light up" that greeting card. Chinese lanterns are so versatile and always fun to see as decor - - or on a card! Great work!

  3. Hi Steve, oh these are delightful. I love lanterns too. In Germany and Copenhagen we had a lanter festival every mid september - the last light until winter would come.