Thursday, November 18, 2010

Converting a greeting card design into a repeat pattern

A fabric manufacturer recently asked me if I could take one of my designs that was licensed for a greeting card and turn it into a one color repeated pattern. I accepted the challenge and this is the result. I first converted the full color design to black and white and added white space where the black intersected itself to keep the definition and shape of the original design. I then turned the design into a single repeat like a puzzle piece (I have not shown that stage here). The original birds were flipped and added to the design for a bit more variety and I added a new branch for them to perch on as well as more of the flowers. Now I just hope I will see it printed in several different color options on fabric soon!


  1. Hey, this is a great new look for one of my favorite designs of yours, Steve! What a great pattern it creates, and what a nice, warm color you chose for it.
    It would be fun in the small and large versions you show here too. It'd be a fun wall decal too.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed, Steve! That is really a great and fascinating pattern. I love it. I too hope we will see it on some fabric soon and in different colors! I have the original card in a frame! The birds are just beautiful and look so happy sitting amongst those gorgeous flowers!