Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Flower Fields

Here I am amongst all of the beauty!

My brother came for a visit last month and while he was here we visited the flower fields in Carlsbad north of San Diego.  Apparantly, the fields were much larger at one time and produced many blooms for the cut flower industry.  The fields of blooms are now a tourist destination every spring.  The prolific amount of ranunculus flowers spread out over the fields in an amazing array of colors.  It was a gorgeous day and our retinas were treated to a visual feast!


  1. Thanks so very much for sharing the beauty of the flowers with us! I really do love those and they apparently don't do well here as we don't see them. What a gorgeous display of color! It's amazing! Good photo of you, Steve! We've enjoyed your brother's photos of the same beautiful sights! Can't get enough of nature's beauty!

  2. Great to see all the flowers--those ranunculus are really beautiful! You got some good close-ups of them too, and a great photo of yourself happily surrounded! That was a fun day--it was a good Spring ritual. It inspires me again to go shopping for some plants/flowers for my patio!

  3. WOW Steve, look at those shots. Love the flowers. I just adore ranunculus...They are so colouful and funky in shape. SO much inspiration. Enjoyed the pics.

  4. Stunning! What an inspiration...You look great too!
    Dolce Dreams