Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flowers, birds and butterflies

This is a new collection of patterns and such I recently finished. It all started with the tulip design I did for a greeting card project. My agent, Mosaic Licensing, showed it to one of their fabric company clients and they were interested in seeing more. It features spring flowers with birds and butterflies. I also added a bit of a modern folk styling to it. It was a really enjoyable project!


  1. Wow! I love those designs! They are all my favorite colors and flowers! Great work! I know anyone would be happy to get a greeting card with one of these designs! And -- the fabric would be wonderful on many different items! I am so impressed!

  2. Beautiful Steve!!! Your mom is right, "great work"!!!!
    Would love to see it on fabric.

  3. Let me know if they are made into fabrics...I would love to come up with a quilt from your beautiful art!
    p.s. Keep seeing the odd card from Trader Joes...I always check to make sure it's yours before I buy!

  4. WOW - LOVE this design. I, too, want to know if this design is made into fabric! Keep up the awesome work!