Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scary Cute!

I had a great time painting these Halloween cards for kids a couple of years ago published by Sunrise Greetings. Dogs and cats dressed up in classic Halloween attire works every time. I hope you are enjoying the fall season!


  1. Hi Steve, These are just adorable! Thanks also for your comment over at my blog...best wishes, Lisa

  2. Your blog has put us in the Halloween mode today! I LOVE those cards! We put up our yard flags today for Halloween! They should put all the folks who drive by in a Halloween mode also! Thanks for brightening our day with your designs!

  3. Of course I love these! The witchy pooch is so cute, and I love the mummy kitty too--it'd be great to get some trick or treaters like this! The canine and feline variety would be fun to treat--they'd wag their little tails or thank you with a meow. I know Ruby and Olive would love to go trick or treating!