Monday, November 30, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...

This dog and cat are dreaming about all the great things they want for Christmas. Christmas shopping can be a bit difficult at times, but my dogs are really easy to buy for. Anything edible and they are in heaven!


  1. Once again, the eyes say it all! I love the cat's dreamy reverie and the dog's hopeful vision--they don't have to say a word--we know what they want! I'm sure Ruby & Olive have made their lists--and I'm sure they are that simple: anything edible!

  2. Adorable! Hope you are busy busy with orders this season!

  3. Funny, that's MY criteria for a good gift too-anything edible! Your work is looking as fresh as ever Steve. Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog to leave that "bright" comment a few days ago-that made me laugh! Would love to see you if you're in the Midwest for the holidays.