Monday, November 16, 2009

Is it really that time already?

While out and about over the weekend, I noticed the Holidays are on full display at every retail store. So, I figured perhaps it was time to post my first seasonally inspired images. I hope these snowmen remind you of all the wonderful times you can look forward to in the fast approaching Season.


  1. I LOVE those happy snowmen and the unique touches - - like the birds, birdhouses and the gloves! They are so filled with the joys of winter! Yes, the stores are really ready, aren't they? We had snow here this morning and some areas north and west of here are really getting some accumulation! We may be making some snowmen soon!

  2. Cool, bright and happy--your images bring a smile to my face! We had some fun making snowmen, didn't we? You're sure right about the stores being ready--and we have a house nearby that has had Christmas lights out for a couple of weeks already!