Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Start thinking spring with flowers!

Time to chase away the winter blahs with some spring flowers! I love how they wait quietly all winter, gaining strength and momentum in their bulbs before springing up to put on an amazing show of color. What a welcome sight for so many looking for that sign of vitality and renewal. My parents had daffodils every spring that lined the sidewalk of our front yard when I was young and it was exciting to see them poking up through the ground when everything else around them was still brown and lifeless. It was always a terrific cure for the winter blahs!


  1. Hey, good reflection on the power of Spring flowers! I like that idea that they wait all Winter long and then burst forth with a show of color that delights the rest of the world and wakes us up! Those daffodils that lined the sidewalk will always be the most beautiful I'll ever see!

  2. Hi Steve, Love these spring motifs. such soft pastel colours and wonderful compositions!

  3. Your spring flowers and beautiful designs are wonderful! I just love the pastel colors! I also like the coordinating of designs. We are more than ready for our spring flowers to burst forth! With another day of snow and cold weather, we re more than anxious for those daffodils, crocus, hyacinths and tulips! Would be great fabric!