Monday, April 6, 2009

Bon appetit!

This dinnerware is blooming with soft spring color sprinkled around to make any meal enjoyable.
I designed it last year for a project and hope to find a manufacturer soon.


  1. Beautiful!!! You must post when you get it done! I am such a fan of your work....keep it up :)
    Dolce Dreams

  2. Love this design! BTW...picked up a flag at Kohls here in Cape the other was the last one...the one with the butterflies.

  3. Thanks for buying one of the flags at Kohl's Becky! Happy to hear they are selling out! I just hope they get more of them in stock soon.

  4. Love the design on the dishes, Steve! Hope someone buys it - - would love to have some of those pretty plates, cups and bowls. You could sure set a beautiful table with those!