Friday, April 24, 2009

New Cards at Trader Joe's

The time has come once again for Trader Joe's to introduce their new line of cards.  Starting May first, I will have four new greeting cards in their stores.  The collection will be available until the end of August, then it's a whole new collection.  Best of all, they are priced right at only 99 cents each!  I say, collect them all!


  1. Congrats! I am the biggest Trader Joes fan for years, and I love many of their cards...of course now I will be stocking up on all of YOUR fab designs! Love them...
    May I have your permission to help promote them on my blog??? Let me know, all of my friends come to me for Trader Joes can't live withouts!

  2. Hi Steve, Really nice work and designs. Congrats on the cards. I also have a card with Trader Joes and I was wondering if you deal directly with them or thru a licesning agent. Best wishes to you, Lisa Lorenz

  3. Great cards, Steve! They are all so unique and different. They are so colorful and happy. Thanks for posting them for us to view. We don't get to Trader Joe's often enough to see them in person!