Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's demolition time!

We are embarking on another fun (and messy) project here.  We are getting a new kitchen!  Woo hoo!!  But before we get the new, out must go the old.  We have a fairly open floor plan on the main level of the house, but right in the middle of it all is (was) a closet refered to as the pantry.  Well, the cabinets have been ordered and the countertops have been selected which means it was time to get the sledge hammer and do some damage.  We will be keeping one post as it is structurally important, but everything else has to go.  We made some good head way this weekend as you can see from the before and after pictures.  There is a long road ahead to kitchen nirvana, but we are on the right path to enlightenment and it feels great!

1 comment:

  1. That is really going to be a different look for your home! I'm impressed and can't wait to see the finished renovation! Thanks so much for sharing your progress on this major redo!