Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is Your Garden Growing?

Everyone's garden grows this time of year but you may need to water it once in a while.  These watering can designs will hopefully inspire you to grow a spectacular garden this year!


  1. Love the different palettes for these--the earth tones on one, the greens on the other. It does make me want to get busy on the yard and deck--I had some good help this morning getting some dandelions out of my yard (thanks, dad!). Maybe the Wynn will do a beautiful garden display with watering cans!

  2. I really like this design, Steve. It's so fun and light-hearted! I think sprinkling cans are fascinating and you've certainly created some nice ones! Love the colors!

  3. I love that your MOM is so supportive and there for you! I'm sure that she will have a great "something" from such an artistic son as you for Mother's Day...