Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crisp and new!

We bought ourselves a new sofa!  It sort of has that "new car" smell and the white leather is quite nice.  I love how crisp and clean it looks and it is amazing how much brighter the living room feels.  We will soon have a built-in bookcase/ media cabinet next to the fireplace in clean and fresh white as well.  Really looking forward to seeing that!


  1. That new sofa is really beautiful. It really does brighten your room and makes a statement! Glad you are enjoying it. Thanks so much for posting the photos! We enjoy it so much!

  2. What a fantastic new sofa. I love the white and orange contrast most of all but I'm sure the smell of the new leather is intoxicating. Just like the orange trees from the ole' place in Riverside!
    Great job!

  3. No Red Wine anywhere near! Thanks for the nice message,